17-06-17 West 14th Lazy River

Saturday 17th June 2017

Ever since I mentioned to Kingsley ten days ago that we’d be seeing Layla, Maya and Miss Camilla he has been imploring me to take him to the girls. We didn’t see them last weekend and I had hell to pay all last week for this bitter disappointment. This weekend however our plans are fixed. Today we five are hitting West 14th and its remarkable 1) chilled infinity pool, 2) beach on the Palm, 3) kiddies playground and 4) lazy river.

The three chirrens have most certainly developed a strong bond over the past three years but moreso recently that they play so well together. Layla and Kingsley are rascals whereas Maya is a lamb. They swam together, shared floaties, ate a picnic of hot chippies (what else), apples, bananas & mandarins, showered outdoors and rode a unicorn. The girls with curiosity and concentration watched Kingsley do a wee in the loo, then all three courageously dived into the chilled pool.

They (we) were loud enough even to startle ourselves so Camilla and I made a decision to relocate our party to the lazy river, well away from the single-and-looking youth whom no doubt we convinced to remain child-free for a little while longer. By ourselves we five crank up the loudness this time with song. And here among the kilometer of slow currents with jungle canopy above we floated for hours singing madeup tunes such as ‘I’m a kangaroo’ and teaching the girls Greek with ‘ěime provatăki’.

Bliss till 6pm for the five of us….