10-02-21 Twins: 2.5 Hour Nap

Wednesday 10th February

The babies comply with my desire to rest during our arvo nap time. They give me some complaints to begin with especially Keanu who wriggles around the bed for a full hour till I smack him bum and he knows mumma means business so passes out! Elektra is easy to win over: have a couple of bottles of milk and water by the side of the bed and she’s a puss cat.

They are both tired no double about it since we spent the morning beachside with Quyen feeding seagulls though Keanu yelps each time the smelly bin chicken approaches. Both babies throw pop corn at the birds who flock closer and closer. He swipes the bin chicken away but it wants more popcorn.

Later on in the evening after our nap Keanu and I visit for the first time Mr John and German wife Liz across the road in there home. They ply us with fresh tomatoes and basil (which I eat for dinner) even Keanu munches on a cherry tomato Mr John plucks from the bush.