07-07-19 Kingsley: Bound for Tennessee

Sunday 7th July 2019

You and Daddy get the last two seats on today’s flight bound for Nashville via L.A. An absolute miracle as it’s first weekend of school break and lots of people are escaping winter here for summer there.

I didn’t even get to say ‘safe travels’ as you guys left early but I did make sure Daddy took you breakfast as I left bananas and apples on the counter. But I hear your voice darling first born of mine when I rang and caught you both on board seated and lo! Upgraded to premium economy (that extra foot of legroom on a 14 hour flight is bliss) you were!

I managed to get 4 words out of you child ‘για σου μαμά. Σ’ αγαπώ…’ before you hand back the phone to Daddy and resume playing games.

All will go splendidly on this your second boys-own adventure