22-07-16 In the Neighbourhood

Friday 22nd July 2016

Today we reserve for exploring no further than our two kilometer radius neighbourhood. Erroll is flying – off he went early hours to Singapore – so it’s just Kingsley and I. At twelve noon the heat is stifling, so we take the sensible decision to nap after lunch siesta styles, venturing out late afternoon once the Arab winds have died down a bit. Shamals strike during Middle East summers regularly. The trick to avoiding an eye / lung full of sand is to simply stay indoors. This we did till the arvo when Kingsley was struck by cabin fever and began tearing up the apartment.

Heat does not stop us from venturing outdoors; we can’t be prisoners to the crazy climate here, though I found it necessary this afternoon to stop by every 5* hotel, glide through those automatic glass doors,  get cool, eat dates, drink water. If not for me, for the kid.

Our village adventure took us to the Ritz Carlton for a BMW Launch, to The Fairmont for Arabian refreshments, to our previous skyscraper apartment block for a play in the glamorous foyer, and back home via Metrô for a cheap ride among the high rises…


The newest BMW featured outside the Ritz Carlton Hotel, DIFC.


Arabic Coffee Man at the Fairmont Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road fed us Saudi dates.


Two stops on the Dubai Metrô line.