Kingsley: Miss Charisse

Monday 5th January 2015

Its 2015, a brand new nursery year and Kingsley has been started on an unfamiliar, structured routine by his teacher, Miss Charisse. As part of the big babies class, the ‘Grasshoppers’, Kingsley shall be compelled to follow what Miss Charisse determines is the curriculum, and that includes an orderly learning/sensory program…and enforced sleep time between 12 and 2pm.

Well today, the second day of the nursery year, Kingsley’s teacher gave us the rundown: our boy is active in the extreme, alert, sweet natured, babbles a lot, points to what he wants/wants explained/named, listens and understands simple instruction (‘bring me the ball’)…but does not sleep when the other babies do.

In fact Kingsley slept only for 50 minutes, the entire day. By the time I fetched him at 5:30pm our boy was hyper in the extreme (found him climbing all over the make-believe kitchen) but when I called out for him ‘NiNIII!!!’ it was all over; time to go home; time for sleep. He told me as much! But not before some loving hugs to his kind teacher Miss Charisse…

5th day nursery 011 5th day nursery 012

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