14-08-17 Superhero Academy

Monday 14th August 2017

In the morning while Daddy slept in the Superhero ate a hearty breakfast of apple, banana, buttery toast, Babybel cheese and lots of milk while he played with Mumma. Ball games are the Superhero’s favourite: basket ball, soccer, bouncy balls, shooting hoops, rolling and bouncing. Daddy stayed asleep. Mumma prepared lunch: tasty baked chicken pattie. The Superhero needs all his energy for this afternoon he has at Fun City date with his newest little mate, Oscar.

By 4pm the Superhero is hanging with Oscar in the crack den for kids – Ibn Battuta’s FunCity. The instant they saw one another they hugged and went about choosing the 1 Dirham interactive games they had been previously told they can play. So Rebecca and I pumped 50 Dirham into Alien Patrol, Rollercoaster Ride and Jurassic ParkIce Man is out of bounds though ( 6 Dirham a pop for a 50 second shoot-fest; no way!) they enjoy watching other kids/dads kill the zombie pirates with shots of water. Two hours of togetherness.

But the day really is dedicated to the Superhero’s daddy. They’re a force to be reckoned with these days. Best mates who rumble on the bed, drink from the one banana milkshay and shoot hoops all day.