Ch. 3: Obstetrician

25th July 2013: 20 Weeks

I am over the moon! Today I chose the doctor who shall deliver the Hartley Seahorse. He comes highly recommended, as at least two girlfriends of mine has experienced joyous deliveries at his hands. Further, and critically, this fella operates out of City Hospital where Seahorse will breathe his first lungful of air.

The Seahorse at 14 weeks

The Seahorse at 14 weeks

His name is Dr. Christian Jozsa. Hungarian by descent, German by training, residing here in Dubai. Handsome too! His specialty is high risk obstetrics and gynaecology, so right up my proverbial alley. And after much shuffling of dates and diaries, Erroll and I got ourselves an appointment!

So today I celebrate: eat walnuts by the fistful, and swim in our rooftop pool, straight after work. Swimming has become my salve, cooling me off from this sonic desert heat (which reaches 50 degrees Celsius – that’s 122 degrees Fahrenheit for my husband’s family in Tennessee). Then in the evening, a fattening Iftar meal. Clapping hands!!

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