07-02-20 Elektra: Struck with HF&M

Friday 7th February 2020

Daddy took these photos of you darling Elektra, struggling to fall asleep, unwell, unsettled, uncomfortable, sore from the Hand Foot and Mouth disease which you caught from Keanu. I’m in Kingsley’s room putting to sleep the boys and from here I can hear your voice, struggling to get comfort.

The only relief you’ll take is from laying on the cool hardwood floor. No appetite,  grizzly, complaining constantly, drooling non stop, wanting cuddles, oh and new: spots have begun to appear on your  body. You enjoy showers so in we go twice a day. Changing your nappy drives you crazy. Playing alone is not an option! So daddy does his best to bring you comfort in this your second serious illness in your one year of life. Bronchiolitis and HF&M.