Dutch Holiday ’16: October in the Forest

October 2016

For the first time in our lives we travel to Holland as a family, to holiday with family friends, and to give opportunity to Kingsley to experience his Dutch heritage. We stay on the outskirts of a forest in the north of Holland but ten minutes from the German border. The weather is crisp, cool and the air is the freshest I have ever inhaled. On this holiday Kingsley forges strong bonds with our friends Katya and Roberto’s three children, none of whom share a language with Kingsley. All together as a blended group of eight the following nationalities are represented: Russian, Greek, Italian, Dutch, American. Kingsley at first spoke Greek to his three little ‘cousins’. When he got no responses from them he reverted to his father’s English thereby allowing communication with the eldest child, Samuele. Yet the youngest, Gioia, spoke only Dutch and by the end of our stay with them, Kingsley was replying and complying with her wishes. Adorable!

Here is our trip in pictures…