24-02-20 Twins: The Day After

Monday 24th February 2020

Mumma and daddy are feeling very salty this morning after your epic 1st birthday party. Daddy warned me twice last night that he won’t be fit to take Kingsley to school so I pull up my big girl pants and get Elektra and Kingsley out the door while Keanu sleeps in with daddy.

Off to the beach we go me willing Elektra to fall asleep in her buggy which she duly does once she drains her bottle of milk. Then up to see her bro at home, then out we all go into our front yard to enjoy the purple elephant, a gift from Jenny So.

The kids fight over the purple elephant, Keanu actually riding it as he does his rocking horse. Elektra pulls his hair, he cries which opens the opportunity for the little lady to snatch the  ride.