03-08-16 Emirates Crash

Wednesday 3rd August 2016

I freaked out in private today, away from Kingsley and Mumma Dôra, when friends contacted me asking whether Erroll was involved in the Emirates plane crash at Dubai Airport. Felt sick. Got confused. Didn’t want to know.

Then I pieced it together, again in private: exactly when Erroll flew to Seoul (hours before), when the catastrophe occurred (early this morning), all lives onboard saved, a firefighter died putting out the blaze, Dubai International Airport closed till further notice. My attempt to skype with Erroll was fruitless though he sent me a long note letting me know his whereabouts.

Today was a sad day for aviation but a very good day for the well prepared crew who did as they were trained to do: save lives in an emergency. Only two weeks ago Erroll passed his annual recurrent safety, medical and emergency procedures exams rendering him fit to fly. For the sake of this little fella in blue, may Erroll fly for as long as his heart desires, safely and enjoyably.

Taken at The Sofitel, Sydney 2015

Taken at The Sofitel, Sydney 2015