23-02-21 Kingsley: Platypus

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

A rare and beautiful afternoon just Linus and I dropped off to Coogee Diggers by Erroll, Keanu in the car, Kingsley and I rushing off holding hands knowing the next three hours will be loads of fun unhampered by little people. I’m so excited too for nothing is a distraction from me being with my big boy.

And how lucky am I to witness Kingsley graduating from Turtles to Platypus! Swim boss Steve (who swam in the Olympics a hundred years ago) approaches me, Kingsley emerges from the pool dropping eyes red from the pressure of his goggles, to ask whether I’m his mum, and that after careful observation he shall now be put up a level. Into the Platypus team he goes as of next week! A strong swim style he’s got; a little crazy in technique however he’s strong and needs to be challenged.

All weepy I cuddle Linus who BEAMS. We celebrate with not one but two Bulla icecreams then saunter slowly home enjoying each other.