27-04-17 Anāvissos to Saronītha

Thursday 27th April 2017

For today’s round of gentle pregnancy exercise my feet take me from the village of Anāvissos along the Saronic coastline via some coves perfect for two, a dip in the chilly water and through to Saronītha. It takes me a good 3 hours of walking through cobbled streets of the village where Kingsley goes to preschool and out to the coast. I’ve alot on my mind – the achool Principal’s report on Kingsley’s behaviour – so I mope along beating myself up, guilt of my actions driving me to dispair. But with such a long road ahead of me to get home there is plenty of time (and fresh sea air) to dislodge my stagnant brain from cerebral first gear. Its time to help Kingsley along.

First decision: unplug the telly as soon as I get home. Already I feel better and to celebrate I take a paddle in the chilly waters. Perking up even more! Next decision: actually engage and play with Kingsley using all.his toys and puzzles. From the moment we get home till bedtime we’ll be constructing, drawing, solving, playing make believe. Feel so much better now that I make an oath to rear this baby I carry with the lessons learned by being Mummà to my firstborn.