12-04-17 Olympic Swimmers

Wednesday 12th April 2017

For our 9th wedding anniversary I receive a special phone call from Erroll on his way home from the airport having just landed in Dubai. We are both elated with the news of my pregnancy and I delight in telling Erroll his swimmers were Olympic champs.

For our 9th wedding anniversary I take Kingsley on a four hour adventure along the path which hugs the Saronìtha coastline. Outside is fresh and sunny, warm enough for me to wear a singlet and for Kingsley to jump in the frigid waters. He is trialing his watergun fun and I am his aim. My mind is on providing entertainment to the child while fresh air and mild exertions to the growing miracle.

For our 9th wedding anniversary Mumma Dora cooks the lot-lunch and dinner is a feast: prawns, calamari, spinach, verges, fresh bread and all I do is eat, feed Kingsley’s open mouth then snuggle up to him for a two hour nap.