Me learning to let go of the Ropes

Monday 21st March 2016

These days Kingsley insists on some independent decision-making when we are out. Whether it be as innocent as choosing to eat jambon or cheese while shopping at Carrefour or as hair raising as wanting to run all by himself along the travelators, then back again in the opposite direction.

As his Mumaá, my job is to find the right balance, every time, of safety and honing of skills. Do I stop him from walking / running without holding my hand or do I let him experience the freedom that comes with exploring new horizons?

In this case, the excitement of a moving floor was too much of a temptation for the man/child, and I was in a jolly mood after spending the morning with friend Min and toddler Haarleen, and I considered it a safe enclose space as we walked to the Mall from the Metro, and at least Kingsley was wearing grippy socks…so I gave him the nod, and boy did he enjoy the ride…

(Dangerously) approaching the entry to the Mall of the Emirates

(Dangerously) approaching the entry to the Mall of the Emirates