28-08-19 Twins: Thais

Wednesday 28th August 2019

Erroll is with us for a few hours this morning so I’m calm. By 1pm I’m strubg out so my anxiety creeping up (how to take all 3 kids to basketball?!) so invite lovely Thais over.

The instant Elektra spots her she is elated! Mouth as wide as a water pail she crinkles her eyes at bouncy Thais who blows bubbles at her. A new sensation!

Proud of myself that I actually put both babies for their naps earlier without help but I know as the day progresses the more excitable they become. Add Kingsley’s school pick up and basketball commute and I raise the white flag: Thais to the rescue.

I am actually writing this while watching Kingsley play basketball and no infant hangs off me! Both are being entertained by their cute Brazilian nanny.