15-07-20 Kingsley: Oma Surprise

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Day 3 of tennis camp sent off with a belly full of sausage, eggs, cheese melt and milk. Lunch is Kingsley’s favourite sausage sizzle and after camp a great surprise: Oma waiting in the car with a Connoiseur icecream.

I am very proud of Linus how he takes to reading three books each morning after jumping in my bed. Three books plus one page from his NAPLAN workbook to get him in the mode of proactive academic activity. Zennia yesterday gave me sage advice: knock laziness out of him NOW in the early years.

Tonight after jiu-jitsu and before eating his slice of παστίτσιο he most willingly completed two worksheets which I marked and praised him. Of course the prize is to watch Netflix and if that’s the worst thing then we’re doing okay.