17-02-19 Kingsley: Our Own Car

Sunday 17th February 2019

Ever since we borrowed James’ Audi in December, Linus has been badgering us for a car. Why don’t we have a car, μπαμπά? When will you buy us a car? Please drive me to school; I’m tired of walking. Its time we had our own car…on and on he goes. He really wants his own car.

Well his dream came true this afternoon when Sylvia and Matt delivered their VW Tiguan to its new owners, us. Kingsley couldn’t believe it: his own car! And two sets of keys. What does this button do? And this one? How do we open the doors? And lock the car? What is this for (pointing to the red Hazard triangle on the dash)…

The happiest kid Kingsley is. All of a sudden has a new school, lots of siblings, a new best friend in Alexander and now the complete surprise of his short life, his own car.