26-05-20 Twins: Run Out of Nappies

Tuesday 26th May 2020

Bad mum moment when I go to change both babies’ bums at Westfields but can’t find any fresh clothing nor nappies in my most stylish yet useless Kate Spade nappy bag. We’re talking leggings soaking wet with wee and singlets and tops and onesie full of wee too. Both babies must be changed! Here comes a lovely mum to a 14 week old girl emerging from the breastfeeding booth who hears my plight, nods in empathy, gives me nappies that barely fit Elektra’s bum but actually do up by some miracle. Then I wrap the babies up in blankets and put on their socks, a brave face for us all we sing as we head out to Coles for a dozen eggs, a sack of babybel cheese b, milk and of course nappies.