Kingsley: Jesus’ Birthday in Nashville

Sometime in late December 2014

The family took a day trip to a wonderful town in Nashville called Franklin. Here, the entire community comes out each year to celebrate Christmas with its streets dressed in its winter finery. People from all of Tennessee make the drive just to see how this town, founded in 1799, puts on Christmas. Food stalls, music, parades and decorations for as far as the eye could see made it all incredibly festive. Seemingly each street corner holds a beautiful church. Bells ring; choirs sing; kiddies play in parks rugged up against the chill.

But nothing came close to the splendor of chancing upon a life size nativity set complete with Three Wise Men and a manger of hay, albeit sadly lacking the Christ Child (who we were informed was sadly ‘taken/abducted’ that day). Merry Christmas Kingsley. This is what its all about. One day I’ll read you the greatest story ever told. But in the meantime, you did well as a baby Jesus stand-in when I popped you in the hay…

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