31-03-19 Kingsley: Mumma & Me

Sunday 31st March 2019

We escape Coogee just you and I something we’ve not been able to dince I went to hospital to deliver your siblings almost 10 wewks ago. Leaving behind your daddy holding the two babies our we RUN down Brook street with freedom on our hair. No crying twins to give ne anxiety and you a headache. These days when your brother and sister cry you shove a dummy in their mouth. Nowadays you kiss their soft fuzzy heads. These days you proudly declare ‘I’ve got a brother and a sister’ and smile.

You did just that: telling Kath and Tiffany as they paid us a visit this afternoon that you’re a big bother now. Then ushered the ladies into Jiajia’s room to show off a sleeping Elektra. Your kind and gentle nature is with elders is paying dividends. Kath brought you a gift!