03-06-17 Knee

Saturday 3rd June 2017

Kingsley’s knee is rapidly healing now that we’re regularly applying antibiotic, covering it and keeping it dry. Both the Pharmacist at Kata Beach and the resort nurse warned Erroll that here in the tropics staph infection is common and difficult to treat once it sets into the flesh. We have completed two days of treatment and already the puss is gone and sore red skin is less tender. When we pressed Kingsley to come for a swim this evening before dinner he outright refused citing his knee and that it must be kept under a bandaid (!).

Kingsley’s refusal to dive into the pool or sea didn’t stop Erroll and I from enjoying the water. We just tag teamed all day. First I got my aqua aerobics class in then Erroll got a couple of hours body surfing. Next me in the pool, then Erroll dived in. And on we went thus, swapping every couple of hours while Kingsley was none the wiser. We did however take lunch together at the Fisherman’s Wharf (pizza and ice cream; what else?!) The magnificent staff served us lunch on the house. I don’t think it was because of us adults; it was definitely due to their enjoying having Kingsley around every single early arvo eating away at a ham pizza. Plus he’s mega cute these days.

Here is another day in the tropics from Kingsley’s perspective…