07-06-18 Parents Gone to the Beach

Thursday 7th June 2018

Yes the morning school run is fantastic enough what with daddy ushering a very excitable Kingsley into the waiting arms of Miss Xstina. But what is even more thrilling is a day to ourselves. Parents on the loose. So with just ourselves and a beach bag we trek south to the  rocky outcrop of Mavro Lithāri. For personally I get goosebumps just watching Erroll enjoy the scene…and being on holidays with something like zero cares in the world.

Retraction: just one care being Kingsley’s school bus drop off at 3:30.

The child didn’t miss out on his afternoon swim today for the pact these two lads have made since Erroll has come to Saronida is that they will hit the pool (first choice) or beach every single afternoon. To the pool they go then, leaving me to watch them from our balcony. Of course I clap and cheer them when I see for the first time Kingsley doing tumbles under water. Me then more yelling woohoo as he stands on daddy’s shoulders for dives.