11-06-17 Dr. Kingsley at Large

Sunday 11th June 2017

Hot chippies are in the oven getting baked along with one of JiaJia Dora’s chicken schnitzels. Its 6:30pm and Kingsley is beyond fatigued; I entertained him hard today. Non stop outdoor action in the hot winds blowing in from Saudi Arabia.

We walked to our favourite camels and Fritz the orphan donkey (stupidly) through the blistering midday heat, fed them all sliced apples and fought off dizzy spells. I knew it was getting way too hot at Zabe’el Vets when Kingsley said ‘Mummà lets go home…’ and wandered off in the direction the road. We were both sweating, desperate for a drink of water and a dip in the pool.

Which is exactly what we did: hours of tepid water swimming at UP Tower, sneaking in sips of water, respecting those fasting during Ramadan and ever more dips. Kingsley’s swimming is coming along though he’s drinking far too much water. We gave Doreen the pool attendant a bag of nail varnish. Its a tough gig for her seven days a week: stuck in that chair from 8am through to 10pm. She’s as chirpy and friendly with us as can be even though she’s forbidden from taking a dip. Kingsley and I dip enough times for her till 5pm when we stagger home.

But before all of this roasting outdoors our morning is a fun air conditioned affair. Erroll is flying and Kingsley wants to play Doctors. I’m of course the poorly patient and after taking the stethoscope to my lungs he feeds me 18 pills (dry white beans he found in a box). I’m miraculously better and ready to tackle the Dubai heat with my little sidekick Doc…