10-09-17 Psaroū

Sunday 10th September 2017

We care so much about being a part of our cousins and relations’ lives that we travel frequently to be here and to watch these little ones grow up to be close. My parents did it, and all the way from Australia! Its a pleasure doing so from a mere 4 hours away in Dubai.

By 2pm we’re on the shore and Aliki is ‘cooking’ watermelon jelly, pastītsio and syrupy cake using an old feta cheese tub and a shovel. She asks Kingsley to try some. He responds that the jelly ‘eīne līgo almirö’ (…its a little salty…). They agree to cook a new batch up using more sugar. Kingsley is agog with what an imagination can cook up.

Our entire clan met at the beach for a swim and play (even Dionysus came running toward Dorötheos BEAMING that he’d found his mate again three weekends in a row!) In fact when we arrived at the beach Kingsley asked no less than 15 times ‘poū eīne o kalīteros mou fīlos O Dionýsus?’ (where is my best friend, Dionysus?) Us parents are now FB friends so the kiddie friendship will continue!

Today being the Sunday before school begins in earnest throughout Greece everyone is out in force catching rays and waves. Our beach is packed. Even JiaJia Dora comes down and I get to introduce Dionysus’s excellent parents Angelo & Vasia to her.

But soon we’re under the shower preparing for the Farewell Summer ’17 lunch at a cracking psarotavěrna called Psaroū. Kingsley ate bread and hot potato wedges, played hide & seek with Aliki and Vassīli then followed a very healthy, plump and sleepy ginger cat around from table to table, named Loukoumītsa.

The perfect end to Summer.