01-02-21 Twins: Australian Museum with Yvette

Monday 1st February 2021

Today we mix n match babies. Since Kingsley is at school I have the opportunity to meet up with Yvette and take Elektra with me because last time we ladies went out Elektra slept for half of the time. And she’s no bother. Plus she doesn’t attempt to escape the buggy each time like her brother Houdini. 

So its to the Australian Museum we head via Hyde Park where us ladies seek shelter in the shade while Elektra snores away. Perfectly comfortable on our park benches we chat away about face lifts and lip filler.

The child wakes, we walk to the museum. Child is now in reasonable spirits since she can withdrawal her own hand sanitiser from the dispenser and we take a wander around the museum.

Of interest to me is the stuffed birds glass cabinets and the dinosaurs though Elektra becomes agitated and unwilling to proceed due to the large bones and ominous energy of the mesolithic era displays. We go soon after.