12-05-17 School-Beach-Play date

Friday 12th May 2017

At 5:15pm Kingsley’s invited across the hall to Fīvos’ place which is packed with games and toys including a mini pinball machine. His mum, the excellent Louisa, calls me insude as well and we all enjoy a new sensation: Kingsley playing calmly and in unison with his mate. What a difference one year makes.

I now see why my friend Julie B confessed that the age of 3 was her favouite age for son Oliver. I’ve come to the same conclusion recently (didn’t before; I considered 2 year olds a delight in their rudimemtary abilities of speech and moreover 3 year olds far too cocky) if only because my anxiety levels cease being aroused each time Kingsley is on a play date or at a playground with other kids or we pay others a visit at their home.

Yes, the relative calmness of three year old Kingsley, his measured curiosity, his want to please others and gracious acceptance of instruction make his company a desired thing for all.

As such I have no hesitation in taking Kingsley anywhere these days be it museum, beach, adventure, town square, archaeological site, friend’s home. Here is our day…

Waiting for the school bus

Nudie beach swimming after school

Evening spent Fīvos’ house