06-03-20 Twins: 10am till 6pm

Friday 6th March 2020

Since Kingsley’s at school and Erroll is in Botany collecting our car from Kosta, I get these babies out of the house before their nap time causes meltdowns. Up hill I push 30+ kilos, finally get cracking on framing two pieces of art thrbthen head to the junction for a very long overdue hair overhaul. A party ensues at the salon: Scott, Erroll, Remzi, Jose and the twins who are incredibly well behaved, sweet and patient. No tears nor tantrums. They sit in their thrones watching colour transform Mama’s hair.

Newly coiffed, we shop at Woolies glugging on organic vanilla yoghurt squeezies and oatmeal cookies, walk home then to the beach where they receive their bum showers and get changed for selfies. Home after 6 which makes it an 8 hour day on foot.