08-05-17 School

Monday 8th May 2017

Even though I want to show Kingsley all around Greece this being our final ten days we’re here before departing for Dubai, it’s infinitely wiser to school him. I offer no dispute resolution other than yelling (or worse, screeching) and haven’t quite got to grips with the kareglītsa skěpsis (the ‘thinking chair’).

So back to preschool it is thos Monday and Kingsley makes no objections to attending. In fact he wakes me before the alarm rings and willingly eats breakfast.

JiaJia Dora asked him what he’d like for dinner at 8am as I stuffed kalamata olives into his willing mouth. “Macaronătha ke patatoūles sě parakakö JiaJia.” Its fixed then: tonight we’re having cheesy pasta and hot chips.