Rhone-Alpes: Autrans

Thursday 16th August 2018

We don’t want to leave des Alpes! Day three of our adventures in Autrans and two days more to go…but we actually love it here. So much fresh air! Farmlife and glorious forests; walking tracks and endless green. Oh and the sheer mountains covered in pinetrees.

We’re here in this French summer and geez we feel the heat of the sun up here at 5000 feet. So hot it is that Natan and Kingsley go shirtless most of the day.

Daily we trek through the valley, look for cows, feed chickens and rabbits (lapins! lapins!! Kingsley calls them) and meet neighbours. As a family we enjoy a hot lunch at the dining table every day then dinner before the kids run out for a last play on the trampoline.

Natan and Kingsley take their baths together and we always finish our routune with one episode of ‘Heidi’ in bed. In fact Kingsley ‘knows’ that right here in Autrans Heidi lives and milks cows.