26-01-18 Oz Day 5

FRIDAY 26th January 2018
AWWW check it out – Linus tries cricket for the first time and enjoys it! Zak and his friends welcome Kingsley into the crease. Kingsley learned to bat, bowl, field and wicket-keep today during Australia Day. The rules of the game fully confused him however Uncle Sam was very pleased to coach him along while Zak seems to be a seasoned pro already.

Josh just stood on the middle of the cricket pitch and prefered to get hit with the ball than move!! Noah just crawls over the grass to wherever his dad’s legs were.

Ilse and I celebrated Noah turning one today in a small ceremony on the grass over a picnic with gifts-lots of clothes that were preloved from Kingsley’s closet. Oma – those cute olive green ‘Lee Cooper’ shorts you gave Kingsley last year are now small for your grandson and these too made the Noah pressie bag though Ilse agreed young Josh can wear them for now.

Kingsley insisted we bring 4 (yes 4) soccer balls to Queens Park (4 cousins after all, he counted on his hand when I named them all this morning at breakfast) all of which got kicked about but Noah liked them best.

Ilse’s knee is getting better though she treads lightly now. I ran for what seemed hours playing either soccer with a bunch of kids who got bored of cricket or playing fieldsman in the cricket game.

We are both bloodywell burnt from this overcast day. Each year I literally forget that Aussie sun is a killer. SPF from now on especially tomorrow when Mika and I hit the beach.