07-02-21 Twins: Beachside Sausage Sizzle

Sunday 7th February 2021

We’re beachside on Goldstein Reserve on this terrifically hot summers day to support the Coogee Dolphins NRL recruitment drive. Sausage sizzle is a hit with all three kids Elektra and Keanu gobbling up sausage while Kingsley can’t get enough of the Sunblest white bread smothered in BBQ grease!

Kiddies run amok escaping from the buggy and I am too exhausted and outnumbered to chase them. Kingsley I leave have a surf with older boys and I do my best to keep the little ones off the sand.

Of course Keanu does a poo so I have the fun job of showering him while Elektra watches. He won’t agree to having his nappy removed, won’t get in the buggy, most certainly cries in protest at me hauling him into the showers and runs off without a nappy. All I can do is race after him with the zinc! I’m a shouty mum most of the day; its almost impossible to wrangle Keanu back into the buggy…and then Kings doesn’t want to walk any more so climbs in!

My only chance is to agree to Kingsley’s wish: for a quality icecream (he is so done with Magnums, Bulla and cornetto). Our very first time at Andersen’s icecream parlour…and the babies go wild with the taste of Kingsley’s scoop; they want their own! And without any further ado, the twins properly using they’re spoon eat up every last drop of vanilla bean.