29-07-20 Twins: IKEA

Wednesday 29th July 2020

Our second trip to IKEA and as requested to God the babies sleep on the way there and once we arrived which means Erroll gets to stay in the car with them while they snooze while I shop for a new wardrobe and kitchen for Elizabeth Street.

Such good sports these two allowing me this morning to dress them up for some garden play (their favourite type of play but not so much me as I don’t cope well with mud). Of course we say thank you to Chris Riga for Keanu’s dinosaur outfit.

Currently Keanu is very chatty squealing Γιαγιά wherever he sees γιαγια. And TELLS US ALL whenever daddy arrives with “dad dad”. Elektra whines with “μαμά!!” however it’s “dad dad” the instant she wakes and commando crawls backward off our bed searching for Erroll and Kingsley.

The morning ritual – after Elektra disappears from our bed in search of fun and a bottle of milk – is for her to reappear chasing Kingsley into our bed at which point I pop a book in front of each to read peacefully together.