22-09-20 Twins: Naps

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Its been a few weeks of sleeping the babies together each night. Mostly the circus I can deal with but sometimes these two are so active so alert so wriggly that no matter how much a shushing I do they still remain wild. Keanu must at all times maintain contact with my hand refusing to let it go contorting his body round and round the pillow.

Elektra after much fussing passes out but laying her down in a spot on the bed which allows me some personal space is always fraught with danger. If my timing is out she wakes and whines! If allow her to sleep deeply on my leg (which by now is dead and filled with pins & needles) she’ll remain passed out wherever I place her.

Naps are a completely different affair only occurring in the buggy or in the car. The upside being a) I’m now fit and wear what I like and b) we drive around to get our shopping done while they’re in the land of nod.