08-09-17 Seaside Church

Friday 8th September 2017

First week at school report is in – and Miss Christina heaps praise on their newest student. He is a reformed television addict that’s for sure, and at every opportunity he asks (begs) for Nickelodeon but I will not waver; not while preschool is in.

So we avoid the house and after school play in the park, swim, beachcomb and trek. Today we rediscovered his favourite tiny church on the headland by the sea. He likes to discover what’s inside and rearrange the holy items: a candle, its holder, oil, a burner and today’s surprise: an icon in silver relief of Mother Mary with the baby Jesus. He asked to take to to JiaJia and give her a sweet surprise. I told him to put it back. Then promised to return tomorow.

Home from school after first week success

Hiking after a swim

Loving on the icons of Mother Mary & the baby Jesus

Fish for dinner

After school fun

Waiting for the school bus this morning