26-10-19 Kingsley: PALAIA FOKEA

Saturday 26th October 2019

We’re in a touring mood today. While daddy has both babies entertained in their double stroller in Anavissos, Pony Linus and I swim then stroll the wee fishing village of Palaia Fokea by foot. Linus is actually barefoot as we forgot his slippers by the shore, and shirtless as he’s not one for clothes when in Greece.

We meet a sweet 4 year old girl Melinda who can’t comprehend how this boy in front of her is walking about without shoes and gasp! No top! Its actually what she gasps pointing to Kingsley and simultaneously questioning her parents there and then as to the meaning of life and where truth lies. If all her life she’s been told to never ever go barefoot how can it be this lively, effervescent, engaging, fun, interesting and cute boy whom she is drawn to, and likes her back, is the antithesis of what her parents claim is good?!

Pony and I watch it from a distance then she asks me to sit on a stumpy pylon for a photo on which I discover the perfect skeleton of a seahorse.