31-05-17 Pizza for Lunch

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Its official: you are over hot chippies. I attempted to lure you into eating this cheap and cheerful calorie-rich meal for lunch but you were having none of it: all you wanted was pizza. 

Your father has definitely piqued your tastebuds for the good stuff: Italian pizza of mozzarella, back olives, zucchini, mushrooms and ham, no less. And thats what we order at Fisherman’s Wharf today at 3pm. No chippies please; just pizza. And you eat half of it! The other half goes to your Ba-Bāh who’ll be back from a cross fit training session at Unit 27 by 5:30pm. He gets a hall pass this afternoon you see as I got my very first exercise class in since we conceived you over four years ago: An hour of aqua aerobics!

Between your Ba-Bāh and I, you’ve received non stop activities and unbridled fun. All day. Kid’s Club for two hours after breakfast, then pool swimming practice and play time with me, after which we take a golf buggy to Fisherman’s Wharf for pizza, then its beachcombing for a couple of hours, outdoor showers and walk home to comfort in front of the Disney Channel waiting till Ba-Bāh comes home.