23-10-20 Twins: Prince Alfred Park

Friday 23rd October 2020

We’re out of the house very early shuffling out the door to deposit Kingsley at school to play and rushing off to Surry Hills to meet up with tradies for the apartment. Erroll takes the babies for walks while my kitchen bench gets measured and floors get covered.

Soon enough we four are free to play basketball at Prince Alfred Park where I’d take Kingsley when on layovers. The babies are such different characters: Keanu inquisitive and adventuresome; Elektra sticking with the adults and hardly interested in the playground equipment. Keanu wants to climb, Elektra wants to take either my phone or purse and walk near me.

Erroll of course has a basketball on hand though shooting hoops is near impossible as Keanu just wants to lay on the ball. Literally rolls on his tummy over it though loves being hoist up in the air to dunk it. From excitement both babies do poo so off we go first Erroll with the boy then me with the girl to wash them thoroughly.

The outdoor pursuits knock the kids out; it’s sleepytime for hours.