06-02-18 Oz Day 16

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Here is a run down of this our 16th day on Sydney: 1) farewell Pipi & Emi as they leave Coogee for their drive to Melbourne; 2) leave Kingsley with JiaJia Dora as I commute to Lidcombe for my annual lunch with Jenny So;

3) find mumma Dora hopping on the 374 at Randwick – surprise her with company all the way home; 4) find a lucky $10 bill on the ground…goes straight to mumma; I insist; 5) fetch Kingsley from next door – Brigid & John had him for the afternoon. Find him sucking on a lolly; 6) come home / feed him two eggs plus toast plus chicken; 7) meet dear friends Claudia & Marishka at Grant Reserve for a play & picnic; 8) kids go nuts on the climbing structures. Locate the bubbler – wet entire population of small kiddies; 9) shop at Woolies. He gets his yellow play-doh. I eat far too many red grapes; 10) Erroll calls us from Dubai. Not long now till we’re relocated!