17-11-16 Kalo Taxidi, JiaJia Dora!

Thursday 17th November 2016

JiaJia Dora has left Dubai after a mere two nights with us. She couldn’t stay longer as flights to Sydney from tomorrow onward are fully booked, and at any rate on Monday we are off to Tennessee for our annual USA trip to see family.

So yesterday evening was very special as her last night with Kingsley, presenting him with a Disney book she bought in Greece especially for him. And this morning she made efforts to give him his milk bottle (near impossible task), take him to the loo, dress him and even put his shoes on all in time to get out of the house by 7:45AM.

Our airport farewell was short and sweet as the Marhaba meet & greet lady took care of JiaJia Dora’s departure so all that was left for Kingsley and I was to ride the airport escalators and elevators nonstop for an hour thereafter.

We are home now – its 10AM –  and I feed the child honey toast. He plays with his toy kitchen, flings the pink utensils around, rips up stickers, kicks toys around, destroys the temporary order of the house. I’m fine with it all with these memories of Greece to keep me nostalgic…

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