14-09-18 Day 5 at Camp JiaJia

Friday 14th September 2018

At 9:30am, over breaky, I make a call to JiaJia Dora to see how she survived her fourth evening with you. There’s never been a child more angelic, kind, sweet and compliant as Δωρόθεο, she says. He made me weep last night, she goes on. You tell her that its time for nani so tired from school that you are. 7:15pm you’re in bed and ask JiaJia to join you for sleeps. How bout I sit in my armchair and read you a book? Yes please, και χαϊδεψέ με γιαγιά…

Indeed JiaJia caressed your hair and rubbed your back and before long you’re asleep like a lamb. Your JiaJia thought it too much and quietly wept from happiness as the nightly news played on the telly.

Meanwhile your parents enjoy life on the islands.

A letter to the ladies in our family…

Ladies i know you’ll enjoy looking at these images from our tour of the ancient city-state of Karthěa – an acropolis, temples made of doric columns, ampitheatre, baths & settlement built around 500BC. It took us an hour trek on an ancient path through a rough landscape to get here…then back to our hire car.

Karthěa is situated on the south-eastern part of the island across the stream of a river and positioned on a promontory straddling two sandy beaches. Our view across the water was of Santorini, Kythnos, Siros & other Cyclades islands. Omg!! Rest assured we stripped off and swam to cool off.

At Karthěa we see temples to god of music Apollo, goddess of war Athena & goddess of harvest Demeter. Erroll actually recited lines from classical greek / spartan Hollywood movies so inspired was he!