25-02-21 Twins: Daycare Day 2

Thursday 25th February 2021

Little lady is excited to get dressed for school, agreed to take her dolly with her, hops in the car but bellows when Erroll drops her and goes. He’s flying today and I’ve got two tutorials and Kingsley’s at home and I know I won’t have a chance to nap him. A very stressful day and even worse afternoon collecting Kingsley after Violin, Keanu the darling hanging on by a thread still hasn’t slept, us three and a violin case and Kingsley’s school bag walking to Randwick to collect Elektra who the moment she spots me (and it is in fact she who spots me first) begins ugly crying.

She didn’t nap again today. I’m so sad for her. I ask ‘did you do νάνι today?’ with a smile she points her little finger to the buggy and says “THERE!”. So clever our girl is already climbing in bottle in mouth ready to pass out.

Keanu of course doesn’t; not a wink of sleep all day. But the pair of them after our family shower do pass out, warm in bed me in the middle reading a book about taking an alligator to school for show & tell. Their favourite pages are the ones which feature ‘Γιαγιά’ (the grey old teacher!).? Γιαγιά! Γιαγιά the pair of them enthuse, and encourage me to turn to the γιαγια page!