Kingsley: Movies

Saturday 14th June

I watched a movie today! As ho-hum as this sounds to a non-parent, this exciting activity was for me a breakthrough. For to the movies I took Kingsley! And he behaved impeccably!

In our pre baby life, Erroll and I were regular movie goers. Rendezvousing after work, we would hold hands walking into the cinema and enjoy the next two hours munching away on treats as we submitted to a fantasy world on screen.

Today’s trip to the cinema was so far removed from this scene, I would not have believed it possible as my former self.

King at 6 months and one week of age

King at 6 months and one week of age

Firstly the choice of movie – The Milky Way – is in fact a documentary exposé about breastfeeding in the United States. Secondly, who: at 3pm today, 20 bright and very determined breastfeeding mums (with their babies) gathered together for a private screening and a conviction to feed these hungry cubs right there and then should they howl for some milk. Thirdly, the munchies: it was in fact Kingsley who got to have milk shakes on tap. He fed, he napped, he played along side mate Harrison, he pooped and he got changed. Then did it all again. All the while I watched the movie and felt super comfortable being able to play mum among these progressive women while enjoying the show.

Not one grumpy moan came from King today. I put this down to my own relaxed state of mind…and the fact that this boy has boob on tap, even at the movies.





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