16-06-20 Twins: Cathy Freeman Park

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Today’s a day of many firsts: as a family we trot out west to the Nike Factory Store and Erroll bags himself cool shoes for those massive size 13 flippers. The kiddies are shoe enthusiasts already throwing fits if I don’t pile their buggy with Orange Nike boxes and stuff their feet in the shoes.

I’m determined to let our little people get out and into nature as their screeching in the Nike store triggers my anxiety. As much as they want OUT, so do I. And with that we’re off to see the Olympic Games venue at Homebush and take a picnic at Cathy Freeman Park.

Here the kiddies literally throw themselves onto the grass and stop crying immediately. Its all smiles…and walkies! Keanu begins to walk! He wears his dad’s original red & white Stripe Esprit hoodie 40 years old to take his initial first steps. He resembles a plump Bambi!