24-04-20 Kingsley: Giving Thanks

Friday 24th April 2020

Today we wear Vicki’s gift and read Adoni’s book. This 100% Hustle tee is a favourite. If its not on Kingsley its in the wash. Giving thanks to those who give us gifts is a glorious trait and one we constantly work on. A photo sent to generous Vicki in which Kingsley’s smile is genuine does the trick. Kingsley gets it.

Same with Daniel the Devil. After it sitting in his must-read book collection for the past 4 months Kingsley picks it up and reads it both last night and today. Photos to generous Adoni is how Kingsley conveys his thanks.

We roll around alot this mid morning Kingsley and I. When Erroll takes the babies for a walk we get crazy on the sub lounge, like we did when Linus was little. Reading, playing the board game UP WORDS, and practising writing, numeracy, I’m a ball breaker as well as fun mum. The kiddo wants to play on the Samsung phone, he’s got to earn it. And he does.