08-11-17 Lavrio via Sounio

Wednesday 8th November 2017

Today it rained in Greece – alot. I’d not experienced a wet day in Greece before and to be honest we three liked it. Attika had waited 8 months for rain. And today while we enjoyed bread and coffee at the foūrno with its proprietor Kirios Giānni serving us, the heavens opened and we watched the storm front come on fast from the west.

Didn’t stop us though; a road trip to the east coast of Attika was on the agenda and the storm only served to heighten the Poseidon coast’s beauty. But Kingsley wasn’t interested in the islands abd mountains. His sole purpose in ‘agreeing’ to this trip was to visit Jumbo the biggest and loudest store geared for kids.

From excitement Kingsley fertilized Lavrion soil then we walked to port (my wish) then we visited the home of Olympic Sailing (Erroll’s desire) and then hours of play at Jumbo. The child scored new books, new puzzles and a new fishing game.