29-02-20 Kingsley: Hand Puppet

Saturday 29th February 2020

Saturdays mean 6 things these days: Jiu-jitsu, art class, park, vet, library, and a very long walk all the way home. Never thought Kingsley would be so into the creative arts as he is. Attending his 1.5 hour class is a highlight: he looks forward to it. And today the Miss taught the kids how to make a hand puppet.

After this, of course the park where he position Elektra on Keanu as though they were being taught submissions by Sensei Kingsguard. Keanu eats alot of dirt.

Vet next for emergency loo stop but what have we got here, in the window but two Kittens! Nurse allows Kingsley play with them. A highlight of his life! But we must away after 30 minutes of play as even the kittens retreat into their beds for a nap.