Greece – Saronida

August 2015

Ahh glory be to Greece, especially now that it is taking so many displaced Syrians. May its leaders be granted vision and empathy for the tens of thousands of refugees forced to flee their home.

Greece is such a hospitable country. It was here that filoxenia was first defined. “Hospitality” is the official translation of filoxenia, but it doesn’t adequately describe it. It is so much more than that. Just look below and feel how I feel when I am here, in my second home of Saronida…

Greece 2015 2144

Main Beach Saronida

Greece 2015 060 (2)

Overlooking the Saronic Gulf

Greece 2015 073 (2)

Greece’s many tiny uninhabited islands

Greece 2015 123 (2)

Greek cats well loved and nourished

Greece 2015 129 (2)

Hibiscus thriving in Greek sunshine

Greece 2015 164 (2)

One of the many small boat harbours

Greece 2015 2419

Greek sunsets