38 Weeks: Daddy-o

Erroll darling, will you be “daddy” or “papa” or “dad” or go by some other name once Seahorse makes an appearance? With a fortnight till the due date, even I am wondering how to refer to you when you make gaga noises into my belly. You crack me up with the loopy sounds you make to our unborn bebe, pressing your lips to the huge cocoon that is Seahorse’s nest.

Desert Palm 012a

Father of the child who is but a week away from being born. EEK!

And speaking of nests, what has come over you? Your overstuffed wardrobe never bothered you before, but now you just have to organize it. Don’t get me wrong; I am thrilled that you are streamlining your clothing, and making more ‘room’. Erroll, looks like your nesting instincts have kicked in, along with mine. Lets run with it; at least our cozy apartment will be comfortable (for us) and a clean nest for Seahorse when we all come home from City Hospital, in early December.

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