17-07-19 Keanu: Lunchdate with Cate

Wednesday 17th July 2019

Keanu is my lunch date today (since he is awake and Elektra is passed out in bed). Its always like this: whoever is up gets to come on an adventure with me. And today’s adventure sees us explore Ultimo, home of my second Alma Mater UTS, Chinatown, Paddy’s Markets and the Powerhouse Museum.

Cate’s my date. We’ve been friends for 17 years or and today we’re snooping about the inner city looking for a lunch spot. With Keanu tagging along.

Some firsts: 1) Keanu sits in a high chair. Sways a bit then kind of leans to one side, but Cate stuffs her shawl around his wee shoulders which bolstered him upright. 2) Keanu’s first dance (which I taped!) to a sweet rendition of I just called to say I love you with Cate taking the lead! 3) Mildly spicy tempura and a five month old don’t mix well. At first Keanu opens his lips to take on my finger which I’d dipped in the flavours of Indonesia. He tries what I offer: eyes widen, lips smack, takes a while to register…then the tears start. Spicy tempura can wait!